The Kepesa brothers live next door to each other in houses that are almost identical except that Anthony Kepesa has blue trim and a thatched roof and Tobias has green trim and a tin roof. Both are thin, wirey, energetic, extremely kind, and super interested in agronomic science. They volunteer for every variety trial SFHC has to offer and Tobias asked that Bunda send seed for all the crops SFHC does not work with. He wants to know how every variety of every crop will grow on his land. When I came to take soya samples, I could have walked away after the first sample and I am sure that they both would have done a stunning job of finishing. As I only had a 30 cm ruler to measure 50 cm or row, Anthony went into his house and brought out a 50 cm stick to use instead. They took extreme care in helping to excavate soya roots and look for nodules – and while he did not know exactly what the nodules were – he explained that he knows they are on groundnut, and that they are a good thing. I explained about nitrogen fixation and my research, and he asked that I send back all my results with Zacharia because he really wanted to know what I found out.


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