Soil part 1

In the soil there exist billions upon billions of organisms struggling to survive; to live and grow and reproduce themselves.  Those that we can see are the rarest: the beetles and earthworms and tiny little mammals.  While you can scarcely dig your shovel into the ground on a warm wet summer day without pulling up several wiggly ones, these are really the top predators, like the leopard on the savanna they are the top of the food chain and so are relatively few.  Bacteria however number in the billions per gram of soil. There are so many different kinds of bacteria we have given up on trying to classify or identify single species and instead just characterize “community genetics” and “functional density”.  For the most part anyway… there are a some bacteria that we do characterize.  My primary interest is in one type of bacteria called Rhizobia.  Rhizobia are fantastic, important amazing!  They are vital to food production, soil nutrients, human nutrition, and all agriculture.  If there is a way to solve food crisis, rhizobia will be a part of the solution.


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